More than 75% of waste that goes into landfills comes from businesses...food waste and food-contaminated paper make up nearly 30% of that total.

- Babe O'Sullivan, Solid Waste Recycling Coordinator for Portland, Oregon

Sustainability Taken In or To Go

Sustainability Taken In or To Go


A whopping 74% of all products thrown into the trash at a restaurant are compostable, meaning we can take a great deal of your waste in.  We have taken great strides to integrate the composting program into your normal routine and as a result, should only receive waste that easily breaks down.  In order to ensure the quality of our soil and to hasten the decomposing process, we would appreciate that you keep certain products out.

The process is simple...you collect, we pick up.  Then repeat.



We understand that chefs and restauranteurs work in rewarding, high-energy situations often late into the night.  Our strategy for properly disposing of organics within the restaurant is twofold: 1) to make the act second-nature and 2) to keep specific compostables separate from one another.  As such, we have selected a variety of compact Slim Jim containers designed by Rubbermaid for different tasks.  These containers have integrated venting channels which allows for the easy removal trash liners.  Each 23 gallon bin offers a variety of lids, which makes proper recycling a no-brainer.  Additionally, you can opt to purchase a linkable dollies which allows for the containers to be highly mobile even given the heaviest of waste contained within.  They are both sleek and efficient!


Join the program and watch as we populate this map!