Pedal-Powered Service

Pedal-Powered Service


Although only currently active in Audubon Park, it is our hope that our pedal-powered community program will expand into many neighborhoods throughout Orlando.  It should be seen as a token of pride - knowing that your community is coming together to support one common good.  Our mission is quite simple - to pick up and tow food scraps via bicycle within local neighborhoods and maintain the composting process at small facilities tucked away within them.  Collecting food waste via manpower and from a smaller area allows us to eliminate the need for a vehicle.  All of this helps to reduce the astronomical greenhouse gas emissions emitted in the transportation of our trash.  One more car off the road - and one heck of a ride!


We supply you airtight buckets and you supply food scraps. Just follow the guide below anytime you cook at home or cleanout the fridge and find a soggy tomato. You set the bucket to the curb on the designated day for your neighborhood and we take the bucket full of food scraps and replace it with an empty and clean one. Then...répéter s'il vous plaît!


Currently we are active in Audubon Park with plans for expanding to Colonialtown and Baldwin Park.   But, we are interested in expanding our reach throughout Orlando!  Email us if interested!