It should come as no surprise that we possess the technology to turn nearly any waste product into something new.  PET bottles are transformed into woven textiles.  Candy wrappers are upcycled into trendy handbags.  Discarded denim can insulate your home.  Heck, the rubber soles of Nike shoes are now inlayed into the surface of basketball courts - finding a new way to live an active lifestyle well beyond their death.  And organic waste is no different.  While we focus on transforming food waste into compost in highly aerated environments, others like Harvest Power are starving waste of this oxygen in a process called anaerobic digestion. The result of this is remarkable. In these facilities, residuals can be transformed into a renewable energy called biogas!  Innovative options on how to reduce our carbon footprint abound -  we just have to collectively decide to do it!


That's right!  We admit it!  We are just one cog in the wheel. But, hey, what a vital cog we are!  We encourage you to think about reducing your waste by any means necessary.  Continue to support the City of Orlando as they move towards implementing any one of these ideas...