An Eye-Opening Documentary by World-Renowned Artist Vik Munoz

A must-see film for any sustainability-enthusiast!  Vik Muniz is a native-Brazilian artist long-known for his innovative compositions made up of a variety of raw materials - including sugar, hole-punched paper, chocolate syrup, even the remnants left on a plate.  He has long been fascinated with the concept of human consumption and the waste left behind.  Part art history, part political-expose, and environmentally-minded, his masterpieces are both shocking and captivating.  The body of work created in this documentary chronicles the true stories of people working in the world's largest landfill just off of the coast of Rio de Janeiro.  Heart-wrenching at times, inspirational throughout, you will be captivated by the determination and grit captured in those noble workers who sift through our trash.  It is one that I always recommend and seems to always impress.  For clips, imagery of the art created, and bios on the 5 noble catadores who inspired them, I encourage you to visit the website: