·         Compost Orlando is a community-minded, grassroots initiative launched by two Rollins College graduates. Our intent is to reduce the amount of organic waste that enters our landfills.  We pick up compostable materials from local restaurants, and offices and allow them to properly decompose in various composting facilities sited in community gardens and other local venues.  We turn something that is normally thrown away into an asset for various agricultural endeavors.  This sustainable act reduces our carbon footprint in a simple, meaningful way. Join us today to make your impact!

Restaurant Services

Whether you are making cupcakes and pies or crafting your next signature dish, we collect your food scraps, compost them and use them to grow the local food movement!

Office Services

From engineering firms to banks, we offer a variety of composting services that that fit the needs of your unique work environment. Save us your coffee grounds!

Residential Drop-Off Service

We have a few compost bin locations that allow for community members to drop their compost off. When all these community members come together, we are able to generate compost that gives back to the community!

Contact us at compostorlando@gmail.com